Data Insights & Legal Hold

CX:inSync contains specialised governance tools to enable your IT admins to identify and deal with potential data risks effectively and quickly with impacting your end-user productivity.

Perform full text searches of your data across all sources including your 3rd party cloud applications to identify and view possible data risks. Once you have identified a risk or have been notified of a possible legal breach, you can place data on legal hold, allowing data to preserved in place for further review using inSync’s inbuilt e-discovery search tool or alternatively using third party tools, without impact or knowledge to the user.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold enables you to comply or react to possible data breaches or requests for data by placing end-user data into isolation. Data is separated and stored securely for review internally or externally via e-discovery. Users are able to carry-on working and backup their data whilist within this process and data is kept indefinitely until legal hold is completed.


  • Tamper proof audit trails for end-users and CX:inSync admins
  • No impact on end-users productivity
  • End-users unable to tamper with data on legal hold

Data Insights

Visibility of your all your cloud data is possible with CX:inSync’s Data Insights. Using a industry firsat solution to combine data across laptops, mobile and cloud applications, you can full-text search data across your end users, allowing you to identify data risks.


  • Perform full-text searches across data and emails
  • Search file names, file types and dates across users or profiles
  • Download and review data files locally


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