Now add3 is member of the family, we are delighted to announce the official launch of our application and virtualisation practice, ORIIUM:add3.

With our shared vision to help organisations expertly identify the most efficient and cost effective way to manage their Application environment, we not only help with the growing need for application virtualisation and migration to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but if appropriate for the end customer and their business environment, we can also assist with the migration to a UK based private cloud service.

All of this is very exciting news for our partners and their end-customers, especially as both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure now have their UK datacentres operational, which alleviates any concerns an organisation may have had about public cloud, UK sovereignty and data being held overseas.

Providing end to end solutions, ORIIUM:add3 not only provides consultation services around application audit, transformation, desktop and application virtualisation, but we can also install, manage and support customers to move onto services such as our hosted desktop platform, which allows them to lower costs and consume desktop and applications services that we implement, host and maintain for them, all under our service.

Like ORIIUM, ORIIUM:add3 is a “channel only” business, therefore in order to simplify an organisations compliance and application need, we work with our channel partners and their end-customers to deliver our tried and trusted “application first” approach.

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