Don’t let Black Friday give your business a bad deal

Everyday more than 2 million ransomware emails are sent, however this Black Friday (25th November’16) email scammers are expected to blow this number out of the water.

If you’re anything like the ORIIUM team, Black Friday is a day when you actually look forward to your inbox being flooded with unexpected emails.  A 75% off voucher here, a BOGOF offer there, digital Black Friday is a busy bargain hunters dream.  However due to the increasing rise of ransomware, this dream could turn into work related nightmare as email scammers become even more savvy to our shopping, work and email habits.

So this Black Friday only read emails you remember signing up to receive. However enticing the deal maybe, don’t click on any attachments or links and remember a genuine retailer will include the full offer details within the body of the email.  If you do receive a promotion you are genuinely interested in and it contains an attachment, channel your inner “Martin Lewis” and ask yourself do you really need it?  If you do, search for the brand online and access via the official website.  This way you can double check if the offer is genuine.

With today’s mobile workforce and Ransomware rising at an alarming rate, there’s never been a more appropriate time to look at protecting access to your corporate data.  CX:inSync provides enterprise class level backup and restore functionality for all your end point devices, so in the event of a ransomware attack you can perform a simple roll back to before the data was held hostage.

For more details give us a call about protecting your business against ransomware.